Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Musings

This weekend we celebrated my sweet, little L with a sweet, little party. Bagels, watermelon, juice, coffee at the playground. Bring-your-own tricycle. Enjoy the beach breeze. Toss the ball. Decorate your cupcake. It was perfect.

I strive to plan simple but special moments for our family. I want to be at the party, not scurrying around in the background, cleaning, organizing, setting up. So, we go for simple and stress-free.

We are lucky to be surrounded by friends and families who enjoy and appreciate the simplicity. I think it lets everyone "off the hook" -- to come to a party in whatever clothes you want, with whatever gift you can give, come early, come late, stay too long. Whatever.

My sweet, little L is not so little anymore. Four. I cried watching her funny little face while everyone sang to her. A mix of pleasure and shyness. There she was, sitting, surrounded by friends. Her own little friends. And her little brother, singing and clapping with a huge smile on his face.

Later that day, I went to write about her party in her baby book. Because, lord knows, if I don't do it right away...well, forget about it. I flipped through the photos of me and S, in front of the house, holding our new baby in an awkward "never held a newborn" way. Past her first, second, and third birthday entries. Then...there are no pages for four. What?! Finished with the baby book?

Oh dear, tears again.


  1. Love reading your thoughts! xox Ea

  2. Oh my gosh, I love those kids! When did they stop being babies and start being kids?!?! Loooove L's ensemble. :)

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  4. Tears for me too, just reading it. I am so with you on the simple parties. This coming from someone who just had a first birthday party with at least 40 guests. Never. Again. OK, maybe for their graduations! Happy b-day to Lils!