Friday, June 4, 2010

Little Things

Little things...

I read somewhere that Martha Stewart recommends making your sink area of the kitchen pretty. Okay, so M.S. most likely explained her idea with more sophisticated terms than "pretty" but I went with the idea in a very "Kristen McCann" not "Martha Stewart" way.

See, Martha does things to perfection. I do things quickly and "just enough." The quest for perfection makes my shoulders rise to just under my ears, gives me a headache and makes me begin to sweat. So, I went to Target, bought some pretty bottles (actually, total disclosure, my mom paid for them...) and filled them with hand soap and dish soap.

So, every time I do dishes, it feels kind of pretty. As long as I only look at the bottles and not at the pile of dishes in the sink. From breakfast. Happy weekend.

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