Monday, July 5, 2010

Taking Time

When surrounded by a few friends the other day, I mentioned that I was going to take some time off from blogging. Not that I am overly fatigued by two-month stint as a "blogger." Rather, my husband is home (!!!), we are visiting family, and I want to spend the kids' nap time away from the screen. Hilariously, one friend said, "Aren't you going to tell your readers?" I replied, "I think I just did."

Thank you for reading, my lovely friends. And thank your husbands who have gone out and bought cute dish soap containers, discuss "date night" and who mock my vegetarian recipes. I think that is swell.

I am off to shuck more corn, take more nature walks, read more cookbooks, romanticize the humidity, watch my naked kids run around the yard, drink summery cocktails, rub sunscreen on pale arms and legs, get ice cream with my husband, and sit in the living room with my folks.