Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things I Love

Some of my favorites:
Method brand wood floor cleaner from Target
(The almond smell seriously makes mopping my floors enjoyable.)

Earrings from Etsy seller SMVDesigns
(Mother's Day present for my mama that I am hoping to borrow this summer!)

Perfect Mossimo T-shirt from Target
(I am a sucker for t-shirts, stripes and clothes that do not need ironing.)

illy coffee
(A coffee splurge that, literally, helped me stop crying this morning
after my 4:45 wake-up call from L and C.)


  1. Coffee makes me a good mom! I highlighted the page in Dr. Sears's breastfeeding book that says some coffee is fine for bf'ing moms . . . um, page 77 to be exact. Must try Illy. Right now we're on cheap Folder's type coffee from Trader Joes.

  2. E - Only bought with gift card! Of course! It was so divine. But, I did keep the cute container and I grind up my TJ's coffee beans and stick the grounds in there. At least it makes me feel grand....

    And, 'Amen!' to some coffee while bf'ing. And beer, too, actually.