Thursday, May 13, 2010

Date Much?

We live 3,000 miles away from family. We were the first in our group of friends to have children. We have a mortgage that kind of kicks our booties each and every month. So...confession. We do not do "Date Night."

Seems to me that every article I read about parenting and living a balanced life mentions having a regular date night. If you really care about your marriage, then you must have a date night. I think that is great in theory. I think that if we lived by my parents we would be going out a few times a month. But, our current situation does not lend itself to weekly nights out for me and my husband.

Why do I feel so badly about that fact? (And why do I hate the term "date night" so darn much?)

I care about our marriage. I love my husband's company. I appreciate time away from the kids to engage one another without interruptions from the kids.

So, we have tried "In House" nights with dinner at the table, glasses of wine, no TV, no internet.

It works. It is true. We connect. Our conversation veers away from our daily happenings, the kids and such. We talk about things we used to talk about. Things we talked about before kids. Before mortgage payments. When nights out would start at 7:00 and last until late in the night. When mornings would be spent sleeping in.

We have fallen out of this pattern and I am thinking it is time to reinstate the "no interruptions" dinner with the hubs.

Today's goal: get it on the calendar. And, come up with a new name for "Date Night."


  1. Tell me the new name you come up with! I don't care for "DN" either....

  2. A - No new name yet....Just say, "Steve and I are going out."
    Sort of the same vein as "playdate"...instead? "Want to come over with your kids?"

    More verbose, sure. But, seems to work for me.