Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1 out of 10

When making my list of 10 things to accomplish in 2010, I chose "learn to make bread" for several reasons.

  • To feel pretty darn cool, in that Southern California Earth Mama way.
  • There is nothing like the smell of freshly-baked bread.
  • The magic of flour, yeast, water, salt combining to make something so delicious.
  • My family has a history with bread. NY Italian bread at Grandma's kitchen table, seeds falling into our teacups. We like sandwiches for dinner, toast for breakfast, and bread dipped in sauce for an appetizer.
  • My kids. Bread-making is something they can participate in, mixing ingredients, playing with dough. And, they will actually eat the end result!

So, I borrowed Artisan Breads in 5 Minutes a Day from the library. I have had mixed results with the buttermilk bread recipe (and accompanying cinnamon raisin recipe.) A friend recommended that I let the bread sit longer than the book suggests. Also, letting the bread touch the side of the pan to help it rise. Any bread-makers out there? Advice? Recipes?

Help a wanna-be Earth Mama out.

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