Friday, May 21, 2010

The Little Things

Today, the little things amounted to a whole lot...

Spending time with 5 wonderful mamas and our collective 9 kiddos at the park

Watching sand being dug, apple slices being shared, 3-year-old problems being resolved

Finding common threads in the lives of very different, yet very close friends

Smelling a beautiful baby's head

Crowding on the sofa, listening to S telling stories to the kids, dozing

Relaxing in the living room, enjoying the cool breeze and the smell of star jasmine through the window

Life is never perfect. There were tears shed today. Boo-boos bandaged. Frustrations aired. Tantrums thrown.

Life is in session. I am trying to embrace it all. The sharing and the tears. The stories and the tantrums.

photo by TracyElaine via Flickr

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