Thursday, January 10, 2013


It has been a rough transition coming home (California) from home (Ellicott City) this past week. I underestimated the effects of leaving extended family togetherness, kids getting constant attention, having little to no plans each day, no school, and so on and coming back to cleaning, unpacking, morning routine, homework, and even, for goodness sake, making my own coffee. Yes, vacation life was good. And regular life is pretty darn good, too. But being in that gnarly transition place between the two...yeah, not so good.

We have had a good bit of crankiness, a resistance to the "must-do" items of the day. However, with each extra hour of sleep, each day of routine under our belts, and let's face it, extra coffee, we are finally emerging. Today feels almost, volunteering, work, playground, homework, dinner...we are making it through relatively unscathed. A wonderful friend told me, one day in, that I would feel better soon. She was right. Thanks, K.

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