Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Resting State

Over the past three days, I have been gifted with more quiet than in several months past. Children playing with cousins, host and hostess preparing meals, snowy weather outside. I have realized just how much of my day is dedicated to home and children. Without those two, really important, elements of my day carving away time, I am left with time to rest, read and think. I find my mind, as it often does at this time of year, drift off to ideas of newness. New projects at home, new recipes to try, new hobbies to explore.

I have been snuggling in bed with a sick one all day...watching her sweet face. Children's features are so much more prominent when they are sick, I think. Those dewy eyes, pink cheeks and finally, a smile, after hours of sadness. I painfully realize that my life will, soon enough, not be quite as filled up with home and children. The motivation that sweeps in with the new year, the focus on newness, is valid and necessary for growth. But, the familiarity and constant of the old is quite fulfilling as well.

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