Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Musings

This weekend was FULL. Too full? I am still pondering that one. We definitely planned the weekend with the kids' needs in mind, minus a few hours for the hubs and I to each get a workout in. The kids played at three parks, went to a birthday party, (barely) made it through church (with a late arrival, at that) and rode bikes/flew a kite/played ball at the beach. Their needs were met. Certainly. But were ours? Not sure.

All I know is that I found myself on Sunday night with a glass of red wine (okay, I had two), remote in hand, ready to watch the Emmys.
And I was tired. TIRED, people.

I know the kids are happier when they are running and playing and outside and loving up the fresh air. But when I am feeling more exhausted on Sunday night than I did on Friday I wonder what went wrong.
Next weekend, I am going to try to pencil in a little something for me. How was your weekend?

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  1. Ha-I had a similar experience: 50th Anniversary party and a bday party for a friend, and a drive to the Cape - that was all Saturday! I keep telling myself I will make NO PLANS for the next work week (no dinners, no nights out, no work events, etc) and yet each week I feel like I am a tad crazy. Ugh. Just need to say 'no' more and be ok with it, maybe? (that's me, talking to myself)

    Carry on!