Friday, August 27, 2010

Laughing As I Type

Okay, first disclaimer: I love TV. I know that the popular, intellectual and politically-correct response to television is to shun it, or at least to talk about how little you watch and how you simultaneously knit/do the Sunday NY Times crossword/can your own peaches. Well folks, I do my best TV watching while lying down on my overstuffed sofa and looking at the pile of clean laundry on the floor in need of folding.

Which brings me to my new TV find...Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I thought he was hilarious on SNL but have since "lost touch" due to my early-bedtime-or-else-I-freak-out situation. Meaning: I had kids.

I saw him on Larry King last night and his impressions alone had me crying. He is quick, smart and looks kind of like Ben Affleck, no? I realized that I rarely watch shows that make me laugh. More laughter is needed my friends, so my DVR is set. Going to log in some couch time this weekend....Happy Friday.


  1. Happy to see you here again, my blogger friend. I'll have to tell you my latest t.v. show that I'm completely addicted to!

  2. Kristen, if you're in need of laughter from your TV, set your DVR for Modern Family...hilarious!! It's appointment TV in our house and the bonus is that Chris likes it too!! :-)

  3. LOVE IT, Jade. Laugh out loud. Cannot handle it. :)