Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bowl You Over

I have decided that my new favorite dinner is anything served in bowls. Lots and lots of bowls. I am not sure why, but the "make-your-own" freedom of bowls filled with goodness seems to excite my family of diners. And I know that the kids love the fact that they can scoop their own and get seconds of their favorite items. (Usually rice, beans and cheese and not the roasted veggies that Mama is hoping for...but, oh well.)

Soyrizo Rice Bowl

brown rice
pinto beans
shredded cheese (jack or cheddar)
chopped avocado
roasted veggies (chopped onions, red peppers, zucchini, grape tomatoes tossed with olive oil and sea salt; roasted until as brown as you like)
salsa (I use refrigerated mild salsa from Trader Joe's)

Soyrizo and eggs (Soyrizo from Trader Joe's)
"Brown" half of the soyrizo packet from Trader Joe's in a skillet. Add 6 eggs that have been mixed with a splash of milk. Scramble the eggs into the Soyrizo. This will kind of look like tacos. Cook for a few minutes on medium.

Everyone can just add what they like to their soyrizo rice bowl. Leftovers make excellent breakfast burritos. Warning: dishwasher will be jammed with bowls, but it is all worth it, right? :)

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