Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little Things

Today, I...

  • Spray painted 5 (!!!!!!) things in our house that were bugging me. Is it weird to have 4 "Sunny Yellow" items in one, small home?
  • Checked out 27 childrens' books at the library and NONE for myself. Big fail.
  • Watched my son do the monkey bars at the neighborhood park for the first time. He had such pride!
  • Planned to make secret cupcakes tonight for Valentine's Day lunch at Lil's school tomorrow
  • Talked to two different mama friends who both commented on the intense love/pressure/responsibility that comes with this parenting gig.
  • Tried on two new shirts as possible outfits for Valentine's date with the hubs tonight. I felt 22 again...almost.
  • Hoped that I would not fall asleep before Valentine's date with the hubs tonight. Instantly felt 37 again.
Happy Valentine's Day to my lovely, that means you. :)

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